Friday, April 26, 2013

Yadkin Valley Winery Tour

Every year I hit about 6 to 8 wineries in the Yadkin valley area, spending a little time at each one, chatting with the owners and sampling their wares.  This year we were in the northwest part of that AVA.

First stop Thistle Meadow winery.

Thistle Meadow does not grow any grapes.  They are strictly a winery but they do use NC grapes for most of their wine.
Interesting clay beehive type storage rack.   The bottles are supposedly kept cooler in this.

I tried 6 different wines, mostly red and my favorite was the Air Bellows Red
It seemed like the others were too acidic for my taste

One winery I have been trying to visit for years is McRichie.
The building is not particularly imposing, certainly nothing like Shelton or Raffaldini but I think they might make the best wines in Yadkin Valley.
They had sold out of a lot of their red wines, ( a good sign) but I was able to taste a red blend called Ring of Fire, a very nice Chardonnay that was oaky but yummy, and a very nice rose.  I don't usually care for rose wine but this was so good that I bought a bottle.  Also bought the Chardonnay and a bottle of hard cider that they are now making.   

McRichie does grow their own grapes.  About 20 + acres worth. 


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