Thursday, November 17, 2011

November meeting at Foxhill Meadery

Jason was kind enough to host our November meeting at his place in the tasting room.  You can see that this room is not only for tasting but also for fermenting the Mead that he makes.  Those are tanks that hold over a hundred gallons of mead. 
In this picture you can see the back of Alan, Pete sitting across the table, Chuck behind Alan, and our host, Jason.

From right to left, Jennifer and Mark, two professionals who really know a thing or two about wine making;  Bob Bowles with the camera and Chuck next to Bob.  This table is loaded with wine experts.  In the center of the table sits a bottle of Mead.  Jason was more than generous, opening 6 bottles of his different meads for us to sample.

Cynthia sitting next to a bottle of Petit Manseng that Alan brought along for sampling

A shot of Jason, probably wondering what in the world he was thinking when he told us we could come over.

some of Jason's adjustable volume stainless steel tanks.  The tops are adjustable vertically and seal against the sides of the tanks using a pneumatic gasket.

This was a great meeting.  I for one learned a lot about the fermentation business in general and certainly appreciate Jason taking the time to have us over.
For some really excellent Mead, check out Jason's website at  .  Jason makes at least six very tasty meads that can be found locally at wine stores in the Asheville area.