Friday, June 22, 2012

Access to the Blog

Some members have expressed an interest in being able to comment and post on our blog.  I think I have adjusted the settings so that anyone can make a comment.  If you have trouble making
comments let me know at   I will do whatever it takes to make commenting possible. 

Posting will be restricted to members who are paid up and who are interested in access.  I will need your email address in order to add you to the permitted access list.  Let me know what email address you would like me to add to the blog list.   I am not going to require that your posts be censored before they are added, so please keep all posts "G" rated and Friendly.

June meeting at Falderal Winery

Paul and Julia hosted the June meeting at their winery in Hendersonville

A new member, George Battagli (on the left) talks grapes with Eric

Chuck with a really fine glass of blackberry wine in hand,  explaining how good it is with the other.  Pete Flan and Tom Mencarelli stand by wishing they had some.

Jeannie and Judy wishing they had some blackberry wine too.  Or maybe they are enjoying some Falderal white wime.

 Marsha Cassadie and Pete's daughter Rosemary

Typical Club meeting activity.  CynthiaYancey sitting opposite Julia

This perforated salad bar container is a spotted wing drosophila (fruit fly) trap.  This fly is a new pest and this trap, with vinegar in the bottom, attracts and drowns the flies.  Since it drowns lots of insects, the carcases must be sorted out and examined for identification purposes

Alan directing the business meeting

Down below the festivities in Paul's basement, wine is being made.  These stainless steel tanks can be used for both primary and secondary fermentation.  They have a movable top with an air gasket that makes an airtight seal with the container.  The top can be positioned to allow for foaming during primary fermentation or dropped to prevent air space over the wine when fermentation calms.

This is what the air gasket looks like.  You can see the lid separate from the tank on the lower left

5 or 6 gallon carboys of wine aging in the cellar 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

some grape diseases

Here are a few leaves from grapes in my personal vineyard.  Things are proceeding along nicely but there do seem to be a few problems.
These are Norton grape leaves.  Notice the small cuts in the margin area

Another view of the cuts

and what is making these pock marks on the leaves.  Here is the top surface

Here is the lower surface
If you have an idea what any of this is, and would like to tell me, send your response to my email account at and I will post your response on the blog to the edification of all