Friday, May 18, 2012

may meeting cont'd

DUES  will be 25 dollars per family.  If your spouse belongs, that makes membership a real bargan.
Checks will be made out to French Broad Vignerons LLC and they should be given to Judy at the next meeting.  The next meeting will be July 17th and will be held at Paul's shop.  Paul is in charge of the educational portion of the next meeting.  Directions to Paul's shop will be forthcoming.

The French Broad Vignerons will be in charge of judging the amateur wine making contest held and sponsored by the Asheville Wine and Food Symposium.  We need some volunteers who have been to Chucks wine evaluation classes to help with the evaluation of what we hope is a large number of entries.  If you are a member of FBV and have been trained and want to volunteer, call John Kinnaird at 242-6675.

Paul is also interested in hosting an amateur wine making festival and would like some feedback on this idea from the club members.  I will post his number on this blog as soon as I contact him and get his OK.

Alan presented the educational portion of our meeting with a very interesting discussion of grafting techniques.

some of the interested members, Tom, Jeanie, Anna, and Julia

Chuck, Chaz, Eric, Alan

Alan leaning on his forcing box

Above is Judy and Pete
Directly above is a root stock stem that has been notched by the grafting device Alan showed us

the grafting snipper can also make a male version (the desired grape variety) that fits into the female notch on the root stock.
The entire top part of the graft is dipped into parafin brifly to cote the grafted region
Then the entire ensemble is placed into the forcing box.
More on the forcing box later
all buds are removed from the root stock so that the only growth allowed comes from the grafted bud, which will push its way through the parrafin.

May meeting 2012

The May meeting was held Alan Stanton's house.  We elected officers and confirmed our bylaws and adopted a constitution.  For a copy of the adopted constitution, refer to the copy that was sent to members prior to the meeting. 

Alan Stanton was elected President
Chuck Blethen was elected Vice President of publicity
Paul Korochich was elected Vice President of education  (Paul, I apologize if I mispelled your name)
John Kinnaird was elected Secretery
Judy Flan was elected Treasurer

(more notes and pics to come)