Thursday, September 20, 2012

September FBV meeting

JD hosted the meeting this month.  He provided the eats catered by Phils bar-b-que in Black Mountain.  The spread was wonderful.  I wish I had gotten pictures of the food, but I was too busy dishing out the chicken and pork, potato salid, beans and slaw.  Great stuff and thanks JD for for the dinner.

This is JD's vineyard

These are Chamborcine grapes.  JD says the brix is about 15 to date and he is hoping to delay picking the grapes until that number goes up.  The rain this past week did not help that.  I tasted one or two grapes and they tasted pretty good.

JD has a real pretty vineyard, nicely tended.  The netting is clever.
Alan and Tom in the community center waiting to eat.  There was not drinking in the communitty center

Anna and Tom have done et
Pete, Chuck, Phil and Tony
Bob Bowles was feeling a little out of focus
Eric and Anna in the firehouse next door.  Wine tasting is allowed in the firehouse.  Notice the elegant stemware folks are using.

Alan is demonstrating his wine research.  He had made five separate batches of wine from a Cab. Sauv. kit using different yeasts and different additives.  The results were interesting and some were actually drinkable.
After the educational component we did some recreational tasting.  Here Chuck is demonstrating  the proper way to hold a styrofoam wine cup.

Here is hoping someone checked that girls ID
Alan was in charge of our educational component.  Here he explaining how to measure Total Acidity.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tom's pics from the wine festival

Here is Tom and the wine.  There is something poetic about this picture. Just Tom and the wine.