Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FBV Minutes for March Meeting 2013



Meeting place:  Falderal Winery 

Treasurer Report:  25 paid Members.

       Bio Network soon to join

        Our physical year runs from July 1 to July 30

         We discussed a dues policy to the effect that:

a.       Members joining the second half of the year only owe ½ dues

b.      Members joining the last two months join for free

c.       Guests may come to two meetings before they owe dues 

Presidents Report:

        Alan reported on his trip to Winery unlimited in Richmond.  Some of his findings were as follows:

a.       in the class on flavor development effects of yeast on reducing green pepper taste no results were discernable between the two strains of yeasts tested

b.      In studies on improving brix at harvest, only crop thinning seemed to have an effect

c.       Chromatographic checking of Malolactic acid sensitivity was best using methylene blue and methylene red indicators

d.      At harvest a chromatographic check of grapes to determine breakdown of acids could give wine maker information for treating grapes during fermentation 

The NC winegrowers association conducted a quality assurance panel April 2.  It was hoped that FBV members would attend and write a report on what they learned     Pete and Chuck said that they would attend 

Chuck affirmed that we need to have input on quality control of wines in WNC

Alan gave a grafting update:  There were 2390 grapes grafted.  They are growing and some shoots are 3 inches  

VP Public Relations Report : Chuck discussed efforts to publicize the forum April 6 at AB Tech
Pete relayed the bad news that it looked possible that not enough people would sign up for the forum to make a class.  He did state that the good news is that we are now organized and ready to do a presentation when the opportunity arises and that we will have another shot at making  a forum this coming fall. 

Old  Business:  We need to rank the top 5 tests we would like to have done at AB tech.  They will get the materials necessary for the tests.  We need to get a survey back quickly within one week. 

Advantage west is committed to supplying equipment for what our needs are as well so need identification is important 

New Business:

Tom Mincarelli is now the southeast distributor for Vinmetrica.  He carries chemicals and equipment for simple testing of SO2 both bound and free, and TA, and pH.   

It was suggested that we have members who attend conferences type up an educational report to distribute to the members at the next meeting, or put on the blog for all to read.  This in the interest of keeping the meetings shorter.


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