Friday, October 26, 2012

California-Durham Wine Grape Connection October 20, 2012 Delivery/Pickup

This is the third year I've made the long drive to Durham to purchase California wine grapes...and it was a bumper crop year!  Glad JD took the chance on the California harvest with me.

With all the problems with this years North Carolina grapes (primarily from weather events), a back-up plan to acquire grapes from other locations  is always good insurance for a successful years run of home made wine.

My primary grape I like to work with is Merlot....but sometimes change is a good thing.
I purchased Merlot, Grenache and a "Mystery Blend" this year....12 lugs total.
Don't ask what the "Mystery Blend" is!

JD purchased Malbec..Petite Syrah and "Mystery Blend"...9 lugs total.

Brix were all in the 24-27 range.

 "Eagles' Nest" is a 100% Solar-Wind-Powered Home and private Micro Winery-Vineyard located just south of Black Mountain in North Carolina.

This year is busy with a number of wines and vines.....all at 3,200' elevation.

Thomas Daniel Mincarelli

Contact info.:

With almost freezing cold weather approaching, we had to bundle up and get the pressing done!

Preparing for the Pressing of the crushed grapes at the Eagles' Nest:
(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

JD and his "Horizontal Tilt Beam" Basket Press.
This one will press about 5 gallons.
(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

Tom pours the crushed/fermented  grapes into the Horizontal Tilt Beam Basket Press.
"Free Run" or "Premium Juice"  flows before the Press is cranked down for fuller extraction.

(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

Cranking the pressure to the crushed grapes!
(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

The Pressed-Fermented grape juice flows!
(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

  This is the "Pressed" wine grapes that have been used twice....the second time we added water-sugar and the used grapes along with fresh wine yeast to produce a "Second Run" extraction which is useful for topping off the Carboy's and for tasting until the "First Run" of wines mature.

Notice the difference in colors of the pomace below.
The twice pressed grapes shown are Malbec...Petite Syrah...Granache...Merlot and Mystery Blend. They are labeled.
I have started to remove the seeds for further use to make grape-seed oil.
If you would like some of the mixed Pomace please contact Tom.

(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

(Photo © Tom Mincarelli 2012)

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