Thursday, October 25, 2012

October meeting

The October meeting was held at Paul and Jan Herchen's home in Marshall.  I was smitten by the view.  Here is the drive up towards their house, approaching the barn
Approaching the house

The kitchen

Some of us ate outside on the porch.  Beautiful setting

The theme was German food and wine.  Jan's cooking was incredible and generous

The maestro of the kitchen.  And what a kitchen.  I love gas stoves and this monster has six burners

I am not sure about this pic but it looks like Chuck is throwing a left jab

Chuck presented the educational aspect of the meeting.  His topic was reading German wine labels.
Very clever topic, excellent detail and quite interesting.
Here is one of the slides that Chuck presented.  I did not realize there would be so much information on one wine label.  Typical Germanic attention to detail.

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