Sunday, April 3, 2011


Welcome to the intro session of the French Broad Vignerons.  The purpose of this blog will be to help establish communication between members of this wine growing organization.  I use the term wine growing advisedly.  The word "vigneron" implies that we not only make wine, but we also grow the grapes that we use in that wine making.

Hopefully this blog can be a vehicle to advertise what each vigneron in our organization is doing to grow grapes at altitude, and to make excellent wine with those grapes.  The blog will also serve as a means of sharing information about our techniques whether they lead to success or failure.   We have a lot of talent on board, a lot of interesting motives and methods in grape growing and wine making and a resident expert in the field of wine growing at altitude in the person of Chuck Blethen who is always willing to share his expertise.  Finally, the blog will serve as a bulletin board to announce upcomming events and meetings open to the members of our organization.

If you have any suggestions or contributions regarding this blog or the organization, do not hesitate to write me at

When we get an active membership list established we will open the blog up to those members for direct contributions.

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