Monday, April 25, 2011

April Meeting

The April monthly meeting was held a Pete and Schell Alexander's house.  They live in the southern part of Madison County, near the Ivy river.  Beautiful home (constructed by Pete and Schell, in a beautiful setting.

Dennis is a wood carver with a shop in Madison County and Alan Stanton (white shirt) lives near Hendersonville and drove a long way for this meeting.  Wine making runs deep in his family

Pete Alexander on the right, (the host) and DJ Diefenbach on the left.  DJ has a vineyard near Black Mountain.

Chuck went to a wine show and brought back some info for the club.  Here he is holding a vacuum packed t-shirt. (I cannot remember why, but it was cool) .  In addition he brought info on a new grape called "no-spray-red" (not a pretty name but easier to say than its official name NY 95.0301.01
I checked out some sources and here is they are saying.
A Red wine grape with high desease resistance and potential to produce good quality wine with low hybrid characteer. With fungicide-free growing conditions,most most years have shown fruit and foliage to be free of downy and powdery mildew, and only low levels of black rot.Only under the most ideal conditions for downy mildew growth did some develop for the first time on the leaves in september 2009. Moderately productive (13lbs/vine) moderately winter hardy at -15 F available own rooted and grafted.
100 vine limit w/signed "Non-distribution/testing Agreement."
Rootstock: c3309;

You can get NY 95 at double A nurserys or grafted grapevines

here we are grading out three or four wines (I graded too many to remember for certain)
Schell has entered the picture when the serious wine tasting began
The wines were universally good.  We had a couple of kit wines and at least one wine made from home grown grapes.

Don't miss the May meeting when there will be a big muscadine wine showdown.

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