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"Consumer Wine Quality" Judge Training Sessions 101 (2013)

"Consumer Wine Quality" Judge Training 101
Session #2 (July 09, 2013)

Location: Cynthia Yancey's home and farm-vineyard in Mars Hill, N.C.
Date: July 09, 2013
Time: 7 PM

The French Broad Vignerons (FBV) hosts "Consumer Wine Quality" Judge Training 101 Sessions for members and anyone interested in learning more about wine sensory evaluation that will enhance their sensory skills and enjoyment of red, white and sweet wines.

1- Cynthia Yancey
2- Bill Fish
3- George Battaglia
4- Tom Mincarelli
5- Chuck Blethen
6- Jeannie Blethen
7- Heather Staton
8- Bob Bowles


The FBV conducted another "Consumer Wine Quality" Judge Training 101 Session on July 09, 2013 at Cynthia Yancey's in Mars Hill, N.C.

Thank you Cynthia for hosting the training session at your home farm-vineyard!

FBV Member attended the training session.

Chuck Blethen from Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard and the Vice President of Communications for the French Broad Vignerons is the head trainer.

The nationally approved UC Davis Wine Evaluation Card  and two Flavor &  Aroma training tools are used to train wine tasters.
Details of a wines color, aroma and taste are explained with many examples.

The group evaluated a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, an Argentina Red Blend,  Rose, Chenin Blonc, for a total of four different commercially made wine styles.

A fantastic potluck dinner was shared by all at the large outside Oak eating table at Cynthia's house.

We hopped on the MULE for a night ride up the mountain and a tour of the traditional style log cabin Cynthia has been working on for several years. The story and heart feeling Cynthia has for the cabin is an amazing endeavor.  For more details and pictures see "Cynthia's Vision" from the May 30, 2011 blog post:  Cynthia's Vision link 

On August 24, 2012 the FBV used it's trained consumer wine quality judges to evaluate home winemaker wines at the Asheville Wine and Food Competition Festival.
The FBV trained judges have been invited for 2013 and are scheduled to evaluate and  "Judge" homemade wines again.

For more information on how to attend a free "Consumer Wine Quality" Judge Training 101 Sessions or the French Broad Vignerons:
contact Chuck Blethen @ Chuck's email link

The training sessions are free to the public!

That outside Oak Slab Table is HUGE!!!

The Session was held indoors.
(Photo Copyright by Tom Mincarelli 2013) 

Chuck Blethen instructs the
 "Consumer Wine Quality" Judge Training 101 Session Panel.

Cheers soon! Tom Mincarelli  FBV Secretary

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