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July Meeting 2012

Many thanks to Tom Mincaarelli for taking the minutes at the last meeting.  He clearly did a great job.

FBV Meeting 7-17-12 at Sugarloaf Vineyards in Hendersonville NC
Managed and Operated by Eric Case  tel: 828-329-4819

Present and accounted for at the meeting with home town region :
Battaglia - George -  Weaverville
Blethen - Chuck -  Marshall
Case - Eric & Anna -  Zirconia
Fland - Judy & Pete -  Marshall
Gaddis - Tony - Canton
JD - Black Mountain
Kovacic - Paul -  Hendersonville
Mincarelli -  Tom -  Black Mountain
Staton -  Alan - Zirconia
Yancey - Cynthia -Mars Hill

"Sugarloaf Vineyard",  is approximately 19 acres in size and professionally maintained by Eric Case and his crew.
The vineyard  elevation is ~ 2,200' elevation and located in Hendersonville.
Some damage occurred to the vineyard from the unseasonably warm temperatures in March followed by several freezes as low as 24°F in April, as was endured by many vineyards in Western North Carolina.
The meeting was held in the new brown metal building at the vineyard which will be outfitted with the necessary equipment for refridgerated wine storage, and Eric's office. The structure will be insulated with high efficiency foam for energy savings.
Across the street from the vineyard entrance is a "wine tasting" house under construction for the winery to showcase it's various wines to the public.
The vineyard business also has a second location called  "Burntshirt" located near Little Mt. Pisgah Mountain with  a ~6 acre vineyard supporting various vine types at a higher elevation.
The vineyard elevation is ~ 3,400'.

1- Minutes from June meeting: were accepted and passed by all present.

2- Treasure report:
Judy has $375 ready to go to the new FBV bank account.
Newest member JD will also pay $25.
New member Justin Griffin  paid $25 which will be deposited to the new FBV LLC account.
2 classes of membership were discussed by Pete: Active member  and Participating member such as a spouse This was voted and approved on at the meeting.
Pete distributed a new French Broad Vigneron Active/Participating Member Form that will also display member added information on the location and activity of a winemaker/grape grower that will be posted on the FBV blog site.
A third free membership is still in the By-Laws to a qualifying individual.
Pete also distributed a French Broad Vigneron Annual Objectives 2012-2013 (Fiscal Year Plan) as well as a 2013-2014 proposed plan for reviewing.
Pete's forms should be posted on the FBV blog.
3-  Presidents report:
Alan informed that the official FBV tax exempt account # has been submitted for a LLC free # is on internet...federal # is automatic.
Alan suggested setting a time limit used for food and ~30 minutes for the business meeting so members can go home before 10 PM.
A Host sheet for future meetings was passed and reviewed by members for future meetings and ideas.
Bob Bowles community center in Barnardsville is the location of the next meeting in August.

4-  Officers report:
  Chuck sent an email for publication about the FBV trained "wine judges" involved in the August wine tasting in Asheville.
Chuck talked about the Madison county commissioners letter he received declining from allowing FBV wine tastings at the extension office in Madison county. Steve Garrison asked not to be responded too commissioner commented on this...the attorney thinks it may turn around positively in time.
Spray drift update from Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard: Chuck does not have any results from his crop damage yet. The damage is being sampled and evaluated in Raleigh. His vineyard was severely damaged.
Pete suggested that all vineyards participate in providing their GPS position for a new data base to make a map of vineyards with a 5 mile spray radius zone around each one.
JD offered to help make the map.
Grapes are the most sensitive crop to spray damage.
Paul the VP of Education, talked about his presentation on sanitation in the winery in Junes meeting and also  asked for any ideas of what people wanted to learn about or discuss about winery applications for future meetings.
Alan passed a sheet for members to sign who can have a future FBV meeting at their place of residence or business and what they can offer or are interested in.
Chuck talked about the Sunday opening classes that the FBV attended at Warren Wilson Seasonal School of Culinary Arts (SSCA).
Master chef Susi Gott Seguret is the director of the SSCA and graciously invited the FBV to portions of the event.
Susi invited Chuck to present an opening discussion on wine history and the FBV to present some of their wines made in the area as well as taste some delicious foods.
Ebron from the Asheville Wine Market poured some of his wines to combine with the prepared food delights at the end of the evening.
If a FBV member donated wines to the SSCA they will be allowed participate in the Friday food and wine pairing at Warren Wilson or 4 members may come to represent anyone that donates wine but cannot attend the friday closing event at Warren Wilson College.

5-  Committee and Project Reports:
John could not attend the meeting so Tom took notes and pictures on the business topics.
John knows we can't add topics on the Blog yet.  Tom has been able to post but not find an "editor dashboard' to start new topics or add pictures or videos.
FBV will judge the amateur home winemaker wines for the Asheville Wind and Food Festival (AWF) held on August 24-25th.
Entries must be submitted by August 11, 2012 and several locations from Asheville to Weaverville will accept the wines.
The primary judging will occur at Bob Bowles community center in Barnardsville on August 13, 2012.
No wine judge will be permitted to judge their own wine for the Wine and Food Festival, but they can judge any of the other flights.
FBV needs more judges to be trained for the August Wine-Food Festival.
A schedule will be established listing who can be a judge and when for each flight. The judging will take several days and will depend on the number of entries.
A final public judging will be held on Saturday August 25, 2012 at 1PM at the Asheville Wine and Food Festival located in the Us Cellular Center.
John Kinnaird is the executive wine judge at the AWF event and is the main
Chuck Blethen is the executive trainer for being a wine judge:
For information on purchasing an admission ticket:

6-  Old Business:  Nothing discussed

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