Sunday, May 22, 2011

Varments invade my vineyard

This is the work of a leafroller.

More leafroller damage

If you open up the web tied rolled up leaf there is a little green caterpillar inside

Here it is.  It's dead.  I used Captain Jack's  Deadbug Brew and sprayed the vines really well.  One of the things Captain Jack's works on is leaf feeding caterpillars.  That describes the leaf roller
Captain Jack's is an Organic Spray composed of a strain of Bacillus bacteria.  You can use it and still produce an Organic Wine

Here is another slight problem which I plan to research.  It is not a really bad problem yet but I would like it not to become one.

My Norton Grapes are growing vigorously.  This will be my second crop of Nortons.  It looks like I will get a better crop than last year, but I do not want to jinx myself by predicting a good return too soon.

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